If my well tests positive for bacteria, is that cause for alarm?

No, you don't have to hit the panic button. Most bacteria is harmless to humans. There are a few bacteria that you should be concerned about, like E.Coli.


What harmful bacteria could show up in my well?

The most likely harmful bacteria that could show up in Iowa wells is E. Coli. E. Coli would show up in a water test and if it is present we can treat your well.


Could there be bacteria in my well?

Yes there could be bacteria in your well. However, most bacteria is harmless and modern well construction is much less likely to contaminated with bacteria than larger older diameter wells.


Can a well that has tested positive for bacteria be treated?

Yes, however we have to make a distinction between the naturally occuring, harmless bacteria that comes form soil and rock formation. And harmful bacteria like E. Coli. We can disinfect your well to remove all the bacteria that has contaminated your well from events like a flood.

Frequently Asked Questions and responses are partially provided by the Iowa Water Well Association.

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